We had a great time at EVERYTHING MUST GO this weekend! Here are just a few of the upcycling projects that visitors got up to at the exhibition; turning an old mens shirt into a wearable spring piece with silk covered collar, transforming an old stripy T into a new top and turning old blankets into ponchos.

A little info about upcycling: Upcycling is defined as taking a waste item and turning it into a product of better quality or higher value. It can be as simple as replacing a missing button to restore a garment to its former glory, or as elaborate as turning 8 pairs of jeans into a ball gown. It used to be that these skills were common place and passed on through the generations, but these techniques have been forgotten in a society where replacement is often viewed as more accessible than repair.

In reality, by taking your old garment and choosing from a variety of techniques such as patching, darning, replacing buttons and adding embellishments is a great way to restore value to your clothing, as well as giving your own style a bit more individuality and flair!

We were helped out by the wonderful ladies from Here Today Here Tomorrow. For more information on upcycling workshops in Leeds, visit our workshop page. If you’re in London, visit Here Today Here Tomorrow!
For more information on the exhibition visit the Waste of the World website.