Wool Cushion Collection


Add to your home with our rich, hand-crafted wool cushions that celebrate British weaving.


Our wool cushion collection has been made from our store of stunning wool off-cuts. Collected over the years we have beautiful remnants from some of the UK finest weaving mills and production off-cuts from the weave design studio in our building in Bristol, Bristol Textile House.


This collection brings together 100% cloths made on the Isle of Bute and in the Yorkshire Dales making use of small pieces off cut from upholstery companies.


The stunning fringing is made for the selvedge, or cloth edge, of the incredible and intricate cloths woven by our neighbours at the Bristol Weaving Mill. Some of the fringing is made for the selvedge of our tweed purses!


The super limited edition cushions will add to any space with muted shades of  salmon, peach, soft greys, rust and sage.