Berlin Fashion Week Faves

At Antiform HQ we’re still riding the feelgood wave of Berlin Fashion Week, where we were showing at Ethical Fashion Show 2015. Inbetween the parties, eating pho at Good Morning Vietnam, drinking gin and ginger, meeting wonderfully dressed people, arranging exciting new collaborations and photo shoots, we took a tour around Berlin’s best ethical stores and asked them about their favourite brands on the Berlin scene – here’s what we found!



“Berlin is a great home for ethical fashion because it has a mixture of people who are interested in ethical and ecological questions and there are many consumers who are interested in this”


“My favourite ethical fashion brand is Recolution, I like it because it’s a small brand and you know where each of the components come from”




“A lot of people come to Berlin who have a conscience and they are conscious of what they buy, they need a platform”


“My favourite ethical fashion brands are Format and everything at Upcycling Fashion Store – they have so many fantastic designers I don’t want to single one out. I always find things to buy in there”




“Berlin attracts people who are interested in ethical fashion because a lot of people are already interested, taking into account the environment and fairtrade. Vegan is specifically Berlin”


“Both Treches and Nurmi are favourite brands of mine but unfortunately Treches are closing, this will be their final collection. I like these brands in particular because they are more fashion – less streetwear. They both have a good combination of style and cool”

~ Christina


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