Guide to Vintage Shops in Tokyo – Our Top 5

Our Top 5 Vintage Shops in Tokyo, Japan

Our guest blogger Rosie recently went on an adventure to Japan and went on the hunt for vintage style – here’s her run down of the best vintage clothing shops in Tokyo.


Guide to Vintage Shops in Tokyo – Our Top 5

Tokyo, it seems, is awash with vintage stores. Whether you step out garbed head to toe in classic apparel or simply fancy adding a vintage extra to your outfit, Japan’s capital brags a slew of accessible options. From fashion-cum-music shops in Shibuya to used designer items in Harajuku, Tokyo’s vintage scene is not to be missed…

#1. Keshiki

Where? Shibuya

What? Affordable and extremely appealing items with a simple interior as their backdrop. Customers can peruse at ease and find pieces in an accessible and logical order. Expect items to range from the classic to the unfettered and raw; think crudely slashed Levi jeans, stadium jackets and the ubiquitous Rolling Stones tongue.

#2. Boy

Where? Shibuya

What? Again, affordable wares the origins of which are far more Japanese than in Keshiki. Comprising brands that are kith and kin to the Tokyo music scene, this store is perfect for those for whom vintage style and music cannot be separated. The shopping experience is a pleasant and hassle-free one; not a spill-over bargain bin in sight.


#3. Ragtag

Where? Harajuku

What? Ragtag has a number of stores across Tokyo, the biggest and probably most renowned of which is that in upmarket Harajuku. Spanning three floors, its calling card is second-hand designer clothes including those of Vivienne Westwood and Chanel. Ragtag will also repair or buy your unwanted clothing items too; just look for the aptly-labelled buy and repair sign on the third floor.

#4. Dog

Where? Harajuku

What? Stocking eccentric costumes the likes of which Madonna might even balk at, for the faint hearted, this store ain’t. Dog even bares replicas of costumes from Lady Gaga’s concerts (and has even been known to receive her as a customer in the past), so don’t shop here if it’s a pair of tan brogues you’re after.

#5. Haight and Ashbury

Where? Shimokitazawa

What? This store specialises in Euro-American pieces. Sister company of Boy, what it lacks in true Japanese style it makes up for in highly sought-after Flapper-esque items from early 20th Century America. Think lace, boas, fancy stitching and pricey dresses; for blokes, expect the crème de la crème of tailored suits.

Have you been to Tokyo? Visited any vintage stores that didn’t make it in our list? Get in touch in the comments below or on social!

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