Four Fashion Films That Will Change The Way You Think About Your Clothing

As part of Fashion Revolution Day we’ve put together a small collection of our favourite films that view fashion production from another person’s perspective, that expose and enlighten, that document workers’ own protests, and that we’re sure will change the way people think about their clothing.

Tears in the Fabric

Rainbow Collective’s Tears in the Fabric looks at the aftermath of Rana Plaza through the experiences of one bereaved grandmother and her two grandsons – a great challenger to the perception of fashion production as something distanced and impersonal.

Below is a follow-up dealing with companies’ failure to pay up compensation to victims.

The 2 Euro T-Shirt - A Social Experiment

This elegant little social experiment by Fashion Revolution exposes how little the general public know about the production of their clothing.

Dirty White Gold

Dirty White Gold aims to expose the truths of cotton production, explored by investigative journalist Leah Borromeo.

Beautiful Clothes, Ugly Reality

Beautiful Clothes, Ugly Reality documents a fashion show that took place following a violent crackdown on protesting Cambodian garment workers. Workers modelled the same brand-name clothes they make in their factories with a clear message to stop the violence, stop the exploitation, and pay a decent wage. During the show negotiations were even taking place outside with police to allow the show to continue.

Know a fantastic film we’ve missed? Comment below and let us know!


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