Fashion Revolution Day

Organised by LCC students, the London Fashion Revolution Day protest started from the LCF Campus on Oxford street. Representing the students of LCF via the student union, I headed down there wearing all British made and ethical brands – leggings and an upcycled shirt by Antiform, and a Calvin Klein sample mac made in the UK.

Fashion Revolution Day, London

I felt prepared to tell the high street I wanted to know who made their clothes. “Who made your clothes?” were the first words I heard as I came towards the already huge crowd of students, campaigners and general supporters. We had a briefing of what was happening and we were off. The vibe within the group was such a passionate and honest feeling, flowing throughout everyone involved with the streets full as ever at rush hour. With lots of people looking confused, we chanted. We carried on until we passed Benneton, we looked over as it looked like it was closed. Still chanting. Noticing the many security guards and the doors securely locked, guilty was the only word that came to mind. To feel the need to lock their doors when we ask the simple question of “Who made your clothes?” was a stark contrast to any brand who can stand proud and keep their doors open to show they are proud of what they produce and the people who make it…

We then continued towards Carnaby St, followed by numerous groups of press teams – being interviewed and questioned by a Japan news team was the best of them all – wearing huge care labels showing people how to ask where their clothes were made and how to get involved, gradually bringing a great following and with continued support from press.

After the protest and the small fashion show on Carnaby St exhibiting ethical brands, we all felt great. Having the chance to shout about something I’ve wanted to shout about for so long was so brilliant and made you feel part of the action part of the change. I will continue to support this fantastic cause and continue to battle for knowledge of who makes my clothes, knowing I was a part of the first London protest on the first Fashion Revolution Day. So all I have to say is “Who Made Your Clothes?” Go and find out!!!
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Photo credits: UALedit [instagram] // Sarah Keels [instagram] // Louis Hull // Dvora

By Megan St Clair Morgan


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